8 Breathtaking Interior Paint Colour Ideas Never Reveal Before

Paint colour certainly plays a huge role in your experience of being in the room. You might have your own preference, some people prefer dark and some people prefer bright.

In this article, we are going to share some interior paint ideas to bright your room.

Sit tight and enjoy reading.

How To Paint a Room?

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    You don’t have to necessarily stick to only one colour, explore your own creativity. 

    Secondly, pick your ideal colour/s. The first task that you have to do is decide what kind of colour is for your room.

    Warm, cool, neutral, or saturated shade? Can the colour compliment the furniture or art in your room?

    Getting samples can help you make this decision as many paint companies now have tools that can let you upload a photo of your space and preview different colours on the walls.

    Next, choose your tools and also materials

    Some of the tools that are usually used paint, paint roller, paint tray, paint brushes, paint roller extension pole and many more.

    The fourth step is determining how much paint you will need.

    This depends on the size of the room and the surface of the walls.

    The next step is to prep the walls and the room. Make sure that everything is safe in place before you start.

    Cover your furniture if there’s any inside the room.

    You also need to decide on your painting techniques. This will help to make your painting looks great.

    The next step is don’t forget ventilation. To speed up the drying process, you need to keep the room warm or a fan blowing will definitely help.

    Lastly, after you are done, clean up. Make sure that your room is not messy with paints spilt around.

    Remember to give yourself enough time, do not rush. Painting project could take a while, so, take it easy.

    8 Foolproof Paint Colour Ideas For Your Room

    In this section, we are going to give you some ideas that you can consider. 

    1. Gray-Brown

    Furniture, Room, Interior design, Red, Living room, Shelf, Table, Wall, House, Home,

    1. Marigold

    dining room with yellow cabinets and wallpaper

    1. Dusty Pink

    light pink bedroom with cool headboard

    1. Bright Turquoise

    blue bedroom with leopard and floral print pillows

    1. Mellow Yellow

    yellow bathroom with tile tub

    1.  Rose Apple, Cherrilious, Shadow

    Image may contain: text that says

    1.  Maradona, Stevig, Brown Vistusik, Melarosa, Owen 


    1. Roma, Shadow, Cool Gray



    Tips To Achieve Flawless Interior Painting

    Surely you want the very best quality for the painting in your room.

    Follow these tips to get the perfect finishing work:

    1. Getting Prepared

    80% of the cause of paint damage is caused by imperfect surface preparation.

    This is often taken for granted but the effects are huge on your wall.

    The problem as mentioned above happens mostly due to dusty, dirty, oily, concrete condition.

    1. Using Sealer Paint

    Sealer is the layer that holds between concrete and paint. 

    In addition, sealer can also prevent alkaline from making the paint peeling.

    It works also to close small holes on the wall to produce smooth surfaces.

    1. Paint

    Paint is the last layer of your painting work. Colours selection can certainly affect your emotions and mood when in the room.

    Cool colours like blue or green can make your space looking wider, calm and peaceful.

    On the other hand, warm colours like red, yellow, orange are suitable for our space to act and socialize.

    Interior paint has many types of packaging such as matte and mid-sheen (semi lightning). 

    Types of neat. Matte packaging (Build Supercoat) is a light-absorbing packaging and suitable for bedrooms and dining rooms that are viciously exposed to sunlight.

    Mid sheen packaging (Build Vinyl Sheen) is an easy-to-wash semi-lightning pack. 

    It is suitable for spaces with high traffic such as the living room, office and areas exposed to moisture such as the kitchen.

    In conclusion, choosing the paint colour for your room is something important because its colours do play a role in our lives.

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