Bina Non Stick Paint

  1. Description
    BINA Non-Stick Paint is a unique formulation water based coating that creates a non-stick surface that repels illegal sticker. Ideal for electrical feeder pillar, street lighting lamp post (galvanised/decorative), bus stop, signboard and concrete structures. Ready to brush, roll or spray. This single component, semi-gloss product requires no mixing, applies in one coat and dries quickly.
  2. Application
    Application of the product on sample areas with original substrates at the object is mandatory.
    The following must be verified and recorded:
    a) efficiency
    b) potential changes in gloss effect or colour shade of the material surface
    c) product consumption per m² and
    d) application methods.
  3. Handling
    Thoroughly stir BINA NON-STICK PAINT in the container before use so that a homogeneous liquid is obtained. The product is ready-to use and can be applied undiluted. Application with a brush, short-pile roller, with pressure spray gun or by airless spraying method (0,015 inch/0,38 mm nozzle, jet angle 20°, distance to wall approx. 50 cm). Application in bottom-up direction, evenly and until saturated; smooth out any runs and excess material with a brush.
  4. Colour
    Clear, transparent after drying. Do a trial application to check for potential intensification of colours, formation of gloss or opaque drying.
  5. Drying
    Depending on substrate, application quantity and temperature, the product can be re-worked wet-on-moist within approx. 20 to 60 minutes. Protect fresh paint coats from rain; hang up scaffolding foil, for example. Full protective effect upon complete drying after one to two days, depending on substrate and weather conditions.
  6. Size Available
    5 Litres & 1 Litre.