Bina Multiproof 5000

  1. Description
    BINA MULTIPROOF 5000 is a water-based single component and elastomeric waterproofing coating. Based on high performance acrylic polymers and good for flflexible seamless waterproofing membrane. Cement sand screeding panels can be laid over as protective slab at roof slab or concrete pavements.

  2. Method of Application
     All surfaces to be coated must be cleaned, dry and free from dirt, dust, grease, oil, wax, laitance and etc.
     Dilute with 20% of water as a priming coat and apply by brush, roller, squeegee or other spray equipment. The actual method of application depends on site condition.
     Minimum two coats are recommended for a satisfactory performance with approximate rate of 1.0 kg/m for each coat.
     At crack surfaces, should be reinforced with a glass fiber mat between each coat.
     Allow 12 hours between coats. A final curing time of 48 hours should be achieved before any works to be proceed.
  3. Colour Available
    Grey, White, Dark Blue, Red Oxide, Green Oxide (other coloursavailable upon request)
  4. Size Available
    20Kg, 5Kg & 1Kg