Bina Duracourt

  1. Description
    BINA DURACOURT is a special coatings come with non-reflective, non-skid and highly durability features. Emphasis of functionality safety and lasting, efficient service is blended with equal attention to aesthetic advantages. This is vital as we cater to a variety of work places, sports complexes and children playgrounds where such atmosphere creates better working conditions, safer and better playing atmosphere.

  2. Surface Preparation

    When the base course is completed the following surface treatment should be carried out in good weather conditions ;
    a) Broom the surface of the base thoroughly to remove embedded dirt, and rectify any crack.
    b) Apply by brush a tack coat consisting of 5 volumes of Duracourt Emulsion diluted with 1   volume of water which should be allowed to dry partially before the Duracourt Mastic is laid onto it.
    c) Duracourt Mastic Mix consist s of :-
    1 volume of (portland) cement
    2 volumes of Duracourt Emulsion
    5 volumes of sharp sand
    d) The first layer of Duracourt Mastic/Filler coat shall be applied to court surface lengthwise in continuous parallel lies and spreading immediately  with a rubber-faced squeeze and allowed to dry.
    e)  After the first application of Duracourt Mastic has dried, proceed to apply the secod layer of filler coat breadthwise and allow to dry. The overall thickness for 2 layers of Mastic is approximately 2-3 mm.

    a) The surface of the course should then be broomed thoroughly to remove any embedded dirt and flushed with clean water.  The surface may be damp but not wet (no puddles) when the following treatment is carried out.
    b) Apply by brush, 2 coats Duracourt Decogreen. Allow the first coat to dry before the second coat is applied. Duracourt Deco must be diluted with water before use.
    c) The lines should be drawn using Duracourt Decowhite.

    When the above work is completed the court should be closed to traffic for a period of 5-7 days, so that the application can dry out completely.


  3. Technical Specification
    No. of Components : One
    Finish : Matt
    Weight Solids : 65 ± 2 %
    Theoretical Coverage : 3.0 m/kg @ 2.5 microns DFT
    No. of coats : Two
    Drying Time
    (Ventilated Area) : Touch dry – 1 hour
    Topcoat – 4 hours
    Colours : Green, Red, Blue and White
    Shelf-life : 12 months under cover and in
    a cool, dry place in unopenedcontainer.
    Thinning & Cleaning : Clean water
  4. Size Available
    200 KG & 20 KG