Bina Coal Tar Epoxy 6004

  1. Description
    BINA CTE 6004 is a two components high solids amine cured coal tar epoxy coating suitable for steel and concrete structures in chemical exposure and immersion service. BINA CTE 6004 is economical and reliable for protection of immersed and underground structures.
  2. Application
    BINA CTE 6004 is recommended for protection of steel and concrete structures subject to severe chemical attack. Sewage treatment plants, waste water treatment plant, pulp and paper mills, chemical plants, electroplating plants where strong and corrosive chemicals are employed. It is also highly recommended for o-shore and marine environment applications like jetties, splash zones and submarine pipelines. BINA CTE 6004 is NOT RECOMMENDED for immersion in aromatic or ketone solvents and also strong oxidizing acids.
  3. Method of Application
    Surface Preparation:
    • Concrete: Concrete must have a minimum strength of 20 N/mm and surfaces to be coated shall be thoroughly cleaned to ensure that it is free from oil, grease and other surface contaminants. New concrete shall be allowed to cure for at least 14 days before application of coatings is allowed. Old and dirty concrete surfaces especially floors shall be prepared by blasting or grinding to remove the highly contaminated layer. Cracks, holes, cavities or irregularities shall be patched or filled with polymer cementitious mortar.

    • Steel: The best surface preparation method for steel surfaces is by abrasive blasting. BINA CTE 6004 performs well over commercial blast surfaces with 25 to 50 microns surface problems.
    Mixing: Mix component A and component B separately with power stirrer then pour content of component B into component A and mix thoroughly. Do not mix materials than the quantity to be consumed within the pot life.

  4. Size Available
    5 Litres